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The Qui-Gon Jinn Cafe

Your focus determines your reality

8/22/05 10:41 pm - mrs_quigonjinn - Jedi Mastah Wisdome

I heard the author of this book the other day on a radio program...
Mrs, Jinness

Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Mastahs


Explore the book a little

8/6/05 05:02 pm - wiccanotwicked - Mark Hamill communities


I have created two community dedicated to the wonderful Mark Hamill who was Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy:

markhamill A community dedicated to discussions about Mark’s work.

mark_images A community dedicated to post Mark Hamill images.

If you have a Greatest journal, you can join the two sister communities

GJ Mark Hamill community

GJ Mark Hamill pictures community

They have just been created so don’t expect much but if enough people get talking, it should become more active.

Blessed Be!


7/6/05 06:22 pm - floria - Qui-gon soaks up some rays.

Hope he remembered the suntan lotion.

(Yep. I have no self-control whatsoever. ^^;)

6/25/05 10:55 am - ex_arwen_jin511 - Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Iconage

title or description title or description title or description

More at My Photobucket Gallery

X-Posted everywhere

6/10/05 12:11 pm - ex_arwen_jin511 - Qui-Gon and Phantom Menace Caps

As well as an animated gif I made from the Qui-Gon caps....
title or description

Right Here

5/23/05 09:22 pm - sidhemeabh - C.O.D on hyper drive pondering....

Well, after much ponder and mind imagery [EDIT] and choclolate....Bo Bice of A.I. could easily play a young Qui-Gon Jinn when they start the new series all about Qui-Gons younger Jedi days.


Well, ....the series they NEEEEED to start.

C.O.D. much? Nah, same as it ever was...


5/13/05 06:28 pm - sidhemeabh - Thank Qui-Gon Jinn it's Friday!!

My friend obigrrl sent me this link that is a slogan generator. I put my name in and ha ha that is funny but after a few I was .. meh.

So I put in Qui-Gon Jinn for the heck of it and it was much more fun!! She kept putting in Captain Jack Sparrows name.

Anyway ,Here is the site. Go create your own Jinn Collective slogans: Slogan Generator

Here are a few that came up that so fit Qui-Gon LOL

If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as a Qui Gon Jinn

Come to the Jinn side of The ForceCollapse )

5/9/05 10:03 pm - sidhemeabh - Cute Qui-Gon Pic

cross posted to jinnlovers

I don't know how many of you have seen this pic, But I love it. Its a drawing someone did. Anyway I can soo see this happening.
can't you?
A Jedi must have great hair .Collapse )

4/19/05 10:22 am - mrs_quigonjinn

Hey Arwyn its me!!!... thought I would join under this name as well. I have had it a while just not done anything with it much goin to use it to post my Sims2adventures with Jinn man and Schtuuuffff.....Don't have yerself too much fun now this weekend. LOL
Keep the Jinness ;) heh.
Your Step....

4/14/05 08:02 pm - drowninginred - Have I got an opportunity for you!

Hello all. I saw this group on livejournal and thought I'd get involved, as I'm a Star Wars fan as many of you seem to be. I thought I'd let you all know that I am a part of a Star Wars RPG group that is online based and just getting off the ground. Our release date is scheduled for May 1st, and we're trying to get as many people to join as possible. If any of you are interested in joining, go ahead and register on the forums.

Our group uses the official d20 RPG rules created by Wizards of the Coast, but don't worry, we're all a friendly bunch, so even if you aren't terribly familiar with the rules, they're very accessible and there're lots of people to help you learn them. Very soon, some of the rules will even be posted on the website to make the game even easier to get into. Since our release date isn't until May 1st, none of you have missed anything.

Just to let you all know, it's played in an alternate universe, so there's no Vader or Han Solo. It's like that so that the players can rise up and become the heroes or villains of the galaxy, and in this community,
if you're bold enough you might rise to the fame and stature of Luke Skywalker. The game is played in AIM chat rooms, and AIM can be downloaded for free and used by anyone.

If any of you are interested, please register on our forums and start talking to us.
Our website is: www.swrote.com. Thanks!
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